You don’t have to take our word for how good we are…Here is what our customers think.

Global Filter Source“Shane is top-notch in his industry. I have nothing but great things to say about him and the customer service level that he provides. He made me immediately trust his advise because of his time in the industry and real life experience. He is always reachable and will email or call back within minutes. He takes the time to come to your office and make sure you are all set up and that everything runs properly. He will go over your bill with you to make sure you understand all charges and that his rates are still competitive. He understands the competition and the other options that you have. I have been nothing but happy and am glad that I was referred to Shane over a year ago.” – Carly Spowart, Global Filter Source

Revolve Nutrition & Wellness

“I just had my terminal set up and the process could not be easier. Shane has been very helpful in answering all of my questions and getting me a great deal for my small business, and I appreciate having someone local to talk to. I’m excited about paying so much less in fees! Thank you!” – Holli Sharma, Revolve Nutrition & Wellness

“We have been very pleased with the service we have received from Axiom and Shane Phillips. As a long time restaurant owner who has had to deal with other credit card processing companies that were not honest, Shane is a true breath of fresh air in that he is very honest, dependable and accountable for his products and services. When Shane says he is going to do something or can do something he does it. Shane is local in my community so if I have a problem, I can call him and he is very responsive. I would recommend Axiom to any other business owners who want an honest and accountable credit card processing service.” – Masatoshi Tsujimura, Waraji Japanese Restaurant

Danny's Bar B Q

“I have been working with Shane for over 3 years with all 3 of my locations. He told me what he would do and 3 years later is still doing it. He has been honest, dependable and reliable. Even when I have called him at 9:00 at night he answers his phone and gives me the support I need. Even if I could find better rates, I wouldn’t think of switching to someone else.” – Danny Thompson, Danny’s BBQ


“Shane knows what he is talking about and doesn’t beat around the bush or play any games when it comes to the confusing world of credit card statements and fees. Don’t be fooled by other marketing gimmicks and/or cheap rates up front, Axiom will make sure you get the best price!” – Richard Chang, Grand Asia Market


“Shane Phillips is wonderful to work with. We believe in giving our business to local people as we are also a small, family owned establishment. It’s also very nice to have someone close by if ever a situation arises. A few months ago we switched from stand alone credit card machines to using our POS computers to process credit cards. There were a few days where the transition wasn’t going as smoothly as planned. Shane was always available to help us through the situation. On a couple instances, we were having trouble with our ethernet connection. Our credit cards would not batch and Shane actually came by, picked up our terminals, took them to his house and batched them for us. It would’ve been a nightmare without him.” – Nikki Stafford, My Way Tavern


“I have been a happy customer for 10 years. Every time I have an issue or problem I receive a quick resolution.”  – Todd Taketa, I Love Pho


“Axiom Payment Solutions and Shane Phillips made me a Believer in that there were better and more cost effective Credit Card Processors out there. I had been with my previous ‘Merchant Processor’ in excess of 9 Years and thought that they were giving me exceptional pricing. However when I reviewed my Statement with Shane of Axiom, he claimed that he could save me significant $$$, and he did shortly after switching over ($300.00 plus the first partial Month). He also made it easy to switch, by filing the paper work and calling your POS Representative to handle the rest.” – Dean Biales, Assaggio’s Italian Restaurant

“Shane has always been very responsive to any questions or concerns we may have had. I highly recommend his services!” – Sonya Brinson, Southern Charm Boutique


“Shane Phillips with Axiom Payment Solutions is the most professional and knowledgeable payment processor I have ever met. His presentation was very low pressure and quick to the point. The point being that I was not only over paying with my current agreement, but also found several hidden ‘add on’ charges, which I had not discovered. Installation and set up of the new equipment was flawless and I am very satisfied.” Al Pleasants, Piedmont Litho