Services Offered:

We cater to all types of businesses, the more challenging the better … We have any solution the industry has to offer and the best companies who offer those solutions at our disposal. Some of the key services we offer:

  • Free terminal placement.
  • Our own cloud based tablet POS with built-in loyalty!
  • Gift card/loyalty programs
  • Cash advances with a rate of 6%!

Axiom customers you may recognize:


Major industries we service are:


We have an affinity for restaurants. We work with many such as Acme PizzaAssaggio Italian RestaurantBu Ku, Bullard Restaurant Group who franchise Moe’s Southwest Grill and Smithfield’s, Danny’s BBQDurham Catering Co, Red Hot & Blue, and Randy’s Pizza to name a few.

As with all of our merchants, we offer a comprehensive approach. It doesn’t matter what POS solution you want to use or the one you are currently using – we can typically work with it. If you are looking for a better solution than the one you have now … well that is our specialty!


Our retail customers come to us because they need more than just excellent rates. They want someone they can count on to be there if something goes wrong. Normally the payment systems work well after set up, but if something does happen and you can’t accept credit cards what do you do then? That toll free number isn’t going to help you immediately. We will. Ambiente Furniture, Blue Diamond Transportation, Carolina Legacy Dance and CheerGrand Asia Market, Logan’s Trading Co., The Butcher’s Market and Thundershirt are but a few examples of local retail merchants we work with.


When relying on a website to work for you 24/7, what happens if your payment module in your shopping cart fails or isn’t set up correctly? Are you using the correct gateway which maximizes your shopping cart? Is it the most cost effective solution? E-Commerce tends to be the most over charged industry by credit card processors. You need someone who will be responsible to ensure the most important part of your business is always working correctly with the best rates the industry has to offer. We will be that person for you just like we are for all of our current e-Commerce and retail customers who also have a website as part of their business.


Are you a business who sells to other businesses? If so, then having a payment system that works for you is absolutely critical. Man hours are just as important as excellent rates and if you don’t have an automated system in place with the right processor then you could be losing out on both. If you are keying in transactions for regular customers then you should schedule a consultation today!

Mobile Payments:

Mobile payments have become the newest and most advertised form of accepting payments. Often merchants think that the one size fits all “box” solution is the best solution. That is not always true. If you are processing more than $1,000 per month you should really look at lowering your rate and going with a different solution that does more than swipe cards through a square reader connected to your mobile phone.


Often wonder how rates differ or how they work?  Don’t fall for the phone calls advertising  “a direct connection with Visa/Mastercard,” “wholesale pricing” or ” you only pay a rate too good to be true.”

  • We all have the same floor and the only difference is the margin each rep or processor is willing to set you up with.
  • Axiom Payment Solutions will be your consultant, look at your business as a whole and tailor a rate program that works with your business.
  • Average ticket, processing volume, how you accept your cards are just a few factors that need to be taken into consideration before offering the correct rate program.
  • It’s as simple as a 30-minute meeting to really maximize your payment system in all aspects.  We offer more than just rates.

Or would you prefer our “All In” bundle program. One rate thats it. This simplified pricing grid is easy to understand and your rate is your rate.  No surprise fees, no miscellaneous fees – just the rate assigned to your average ticket.


If your average ticket is below $15 you will require special pricing, please contact us for details. We will require 3 months processing statements to calculate your average ticket. If you do not have 3 months of processing history we will assign a rate and review after 30 days of processing.

Mastercard & Visa Interchange Tables

Visa and Mastercard regulate the rates and fees charged by the acquiring banks and those charges are public knowledge posted on their respective websites. If you are not familiar with interchange or an interchange table you should contact us for clarification. These rates are only good for face to face businesses.  Not for customers who only key transactions

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